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Kathy's Legacy

Katherine Nixon has spent her life accumulating knowledge to pass on to others. She loves to share what she has learned in order to help others grow and develop into the best they can be.

This is Kathy's legacy; sharing her experiences to benefit others. 

Click on the Stars or Titles to view the presentations below.

Advice for Living Your Best Life

Visualize Your Future:

Visualize your goals, look towards the future, and live each day to its fullest! This presentation contains advice on how to make the most out of life. 

Leadership Lessons

 A Leader's Toolbox:

A collection of observations and methods to improve your approach to leadership in order to become a more effective leader. 

Getting Out Of The Box:

Leadership and self-deception; How to avoid seeing people as objects and how to see them as people. Methods to improve your leadership capabilities within your organization. 

Honoring Personal Integrity

Katherine Nixon will take the time to show you how to learn, understand and demonstrate the knowledge and skills essential for effective project managers and successful professional and personal relationships.



Live Each Day 

As if on Purpose,

As if today was all you had,

Loving and Forgiving,

Filled with Laughter & Joy,

Enjoying the Moment Now,

Grateful for All Things,

Being the Best You Can Be!


Repeat the following to yourself on a regular basis and take note of your change in attitude over time. 

As long as I am employed by ____(name of company you belong to)____,
I, _______
(Insert your name here)_________, promise to constantly improve myself, so I may
Be the best I can be, proud of my efforts,
Be professional, conscientious and courteous,
Be totally loyal to the company and the team,
Be a team player, reliable, cooperative, sharing,
Be positive and proactive, seeking solutions,
Be clear about the client’s role in our business.


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