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A Tribute to My Late Husband: 

Kenny Nixon


Kenny lived his life by simple values, honesty, integrity, work ethic, caring. His legacy to us is his friendship, and his stories.  Below is one he told about how he got into raising bees.

How I came to raise bees - by Kenny Nixon

About bees.  I read a newspaper article that said the bees could use a little help.  So I was thinking about giving them a hand.  Then Ginny in Round Rock said she was going to raise bees.  So I was had.  (The race for the best honey, the most healthy hive was on.)  - written in April 2012

In loving memory of my beloved husband, Kenny Nixon.  We live on in your memory, a loving family man and friend.  Keeping you in our hearts.  How we miss those gentle eyes of blue.

Born: Tuesday, January 03, 1956 -

Died: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (63 years)

Married: Friday, June 17, 1977 - 

             Tuesday, February 19, 2019

             (4 months shy of 42 years)

Kenny taught me/us to live life in the moment, ... understanding each day is to be enjoyed, cherished. 

Thank you, Kenny, for loving me/us, making some grand memories, and taking good care of me.

2009.11.27 SFR Creede Kenny IMG_2097.JPG
Journeyman Electrician 
2014.07.05 Kenny at Brents IMG_0011.JPG
Maintenance Electrician
Professional Electrician 


 PEP - Professional Electricians Program


 Maintenance Electrician


Journeyman Electrician


Thank you, Kenny Nixon, for sharing your life with us.

Ricky M. recalls: 

Kenny was a common link, the common denominator. He brought together a lot of people. On significant trait was his laugh, that damn laugh. I met Kenny when I was 10 or 11 years old on the basketball court behind Benbrook Elementary. We were both with our brothers, and we all became friends. We worked at Food City and then Burger King together. He taught me about music and gave me a love of books. I even remember the first book he ever gave me, The Daybreakers about the Sacketts written by Lois L'Amour. He taught me how to play at types of cards. If I was on a deserted island, all I would need is a deck of cards and I would be able to keep myself entertained. When I think of Kenny, I just think of good times. He always put on a strong face. Something could really be bothering him and you would not even know it. 

Mike M. recalls:


We will all miss his stories, and humor and his laughter.

Lee L. and Tom P. recall:

Kenny had this way of starting his stories.   He would throw back his head and laugh as he recalled the story with fondness.

Harry Z recalls:


Kenny was a true friend.

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