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Project Management Professional (PMP©) Exam Prep Boot Camp    

Introduction to Agile Management 

Project Management Fundamentals 

Project Management and Team Building Skills  

Technical and Business Writing  

How to Get The Best Out Of Yourself and Others 
Effective Time and Meeting Management

Team Building Skills Development and Project Management

Leadership Skills Enrichment Series

Financial Training for Non-Finance Managers  

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16 Hours*

16 Hours*

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*Sessions Available in an 8-hour format
What others have to say about
Katherine's Sessions

"As an instructor, Katherine was engaging and organized, providing an assortment of tools that I found useful not only to pass the exam but also in my daily work. I would recommend  Kathy for anyone that is looking for a crash course in Project Management."

Scott D.

"I took the 4-day PMI-PMP course with Katherine in August. She is clear and thorough, and instructed the course with energy and passion. I found her teaching style to be very effective and passed the PMP exam the month following the course."

Tricia P.

"Katherine provided real world of examples for the principles embodied in the PMBOK. She made certain that we were prepared to apply for, and ultimately pass, the PMP certification exam. I would highly recommend PMP Boot camp, and more importantly Katherine as instructor when preparing to sit for the PMP."

Donald E.

"I learned so much from Kathy and my peers in the class. I used the tools and techniques that I learned in Kathy's class to study for the exam and I passed on my first try"

Marissa F.

"I took the PMP Class from Katherine and she was an excellent teacher. She provided us with a solid foundation for understanding the material and passing the exam. I took the exam the week after completing the course and passed."

Harry M.

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Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Boot Camp* - 35 Hours

Prepare to take the Project Management Professional certification exam through Katherine Nixon’s Project Management Professional boot camp! With Katherine’s interactive and informative teaching style, you will learn everything you need to know to pass the PMP in just four days.  All course materials provided.

 Introduction to Agile Project Management -  16 Hours*

Prepare to take the Agile Certified Practitioner certification exam!  In this three day course, Katherine will teach you everything you need to know to apply for and pass the PMP-ACP certification exam.


*Introductory one-day or two-day fundamentals sessions available.

Project Management Fundamentals - 16 Hours

The two-day project management fundamentals course takes you back to the basics of project management. Learn what project is and how best to utilize project management principles and practices within your organization.  

Project Management and Team Building Skills -  16 hours*

Learn the breakthrough combination of business strategy and project management through Katherine Nixon’s Strategic Project Management Made Simple. This project management system based on Schmidt’s book of the same name, provides everything you need to get the results you want. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, by mastering the art of strategic project management, you’ll multiply your ability to execute new ideas and advance your own career in the process. 

*Introductory one-day or two-day fundamentals sessions available.

Technical Writing

Technical and Business Writing

Technical and Business Writing -  16 Hours*

Brush up on your writing skills with Katherine's Technical Writing course. In this Three-day course, you will learn how to write persuasively, how to ensure your writing is read and answered, and how to Write to Win! At the end of this course, you will have all the shills and techniques you need to be a brilliant business writer.

*Introductory one-day or two-day fundamentals sessions available.

Leadership and Soft Skills

How to Get The Best Out Of  Yourself and Others - 24 Hours

Coaching is a powerful way to achieve your best in your professional and personal life. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of making a difference in business. This course will give you the tools you need to be a master coach and the insights you need to use them to enrich lives. 

Effective Time and Meeting Management - 16 Hours

In this two-day class, participants will acquire skills that will enable them to accomplish more in less time, efficiently plan and conduct meetings, and develop an action plan using effective meeting practices. Discussion will focus on the basic tools and requirements needed to put together an effective meeting, but participants will learn so much more. This course will include group activities, exercises, and case studies designed to deliver results.



Financial Training for Non-Finance Managers -36 Hours*

Learn the basics of financials for your business through Katherine Nixon’s Financial Training for Non-Finance Managers. This course will teach you everything you need to know about financial statements, managing working capital, budgeting and more. Demystify financial reports and learn basic financial terms so that you can ensure a smooth operating cycle and maximized profits. 

*Introductory one-day or three-day sessions available.


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