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Power Posing for Life Changing Results

Amy Cuddy said in her TedTalk, "Our body language shapes who we are." She goes on to say if we will assume a powerful position for two minutes, we can change our life." As a social psychologist, she discusses how our posture affects testosterone and cortisol levels in our brain and changes our feelings about ourselves.

She states, "Our bodies change our minds .. and our minds change our behavior .. and our behavior changes our outcomes." So, before that next important meeting (or interview), practice "standing in a posture of confidence" using the five Ss, "Stand tall, Shoulders back (arms above your waist), Stomach in (feet apart), Smile, and Strut your confidence. You, too can "fake it 'til you become it."

Below is the link to her Ted Talk (with over 42 million views). Got 21 minutes? change your life forever. Body language speaks volumes not only to others, but also to ourselves.

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